Five talented musicians on the central coast make up the amazing band Deja-Vu! Seasoned veterans include Janice Mundee (Lead Vocals),  Chris Tso (Guitar & Vocals), Ted Davantzis (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Marrin (Drums & Vocals), and Gus Cristicini (Bass ).

Deja Vu  brings fun and high energy whenever we play our songs. The extensive song list features a variety of covers from Classic Rock to Country to R&B to Top 40 spanning 5 decades of crowd-pleasing music and fun!   Besides great music,  we actively promote our concerts online and are growing a group of followers who love our music.  Our name is getting a reputation as the band to see. 

Touring up and down the Central Coast, DeJa-Vu regularly performs at venues such as The California Mid State Fair, The Atascadero Wine Festival, The Pour House, Harry’s Nightclub, Broken Earth Winery, Midnight Cellars, The Siren, Graveyard Vineyards, Sea Pines Golf Resort Barefoot on the Greens and more. 

Dancing and Fun-For-All,  Deja-Vu plays the best music that you've loved throughout your life--let us create a DeJa-Vu for you.

Demo Tracks